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Friday Vibes..

I took my kids for a walk around Target a few nights ago and found what I think to be the perfect dress for summer.  It's the perfect weight so it's comfortable in the heat AND it's the perfect length so when I bend over to pick up my toddler..it's ya know.. long enough ;).  I've pretty much worn it every day this week.. don't judge me.  I found it in the maternity section, but there is nothing maternity about it.  It is super, super comfortable, easy to dress up or down and I would definitely recommend it! 

Outfit Details:

Dress: Target
vest: Target (similar & similar)
Shoes: Converse
Necklace: Old (similar)

No Heat Curls

If you are anything like me.. then you've damaged your hair at one time or another by coloring it/ bleaching it and using so many different forms of heat on it. When Savvy Curls told me that they had come up with a great way to curl your hair by not using any heat, I was very interested.  It is very easy to use and I loved the outcome.  I use to use sponge rollers in my hair when I was younger but the curls you get from the Savvy Curl headband its soooo much cuter and it has so many different options of curls to get from it.

I have worn the headband two different ways.  I wrapped it really tight one time and slept in it and the next morning my hair was very tight curls.  The way I am demonstrating below it was that I put in on in the morning.  I was planning on being home most of the day and wasn't going out until that night.

 I have very straight hair, so I lightly sprayed my hair with water and put a little bit of mouse in my hair.  I wanted a little bit looser curl so I didn't pull my hair as tight when I wrapped it.
I started by parting off all my top layers so I could wrap those on the top wrap.  I have a lot of layers so I love that they have wrap available for those layers that won't wrap as well with just the single wrap.  
It really is so simple. Grab hair in about 1 inch sections and every time you wrap that strand, take the end of that wrapped section, add it to another one inch section and wrap it all together again. 
 Once the bottom is wrapped, I did the same thing with the top section that I had parted off.  It took me about 10 minutes to wrap my whole head and then I was able to work around my house all day while my hair dried.  When I was ready to go out that night, I just unwrapped my hair and I was ready to go! 

"When wrapped properly, these thermal insulating headbands produce glamorous, lush, Hollywood-like curls.  Best of all, by using these headbands you maintain the integrity & health of your hair avoiding breakage & damage caused by high heating electrical appliances.  Say goodby to tired, heat damaged hair and the appliances that caused it and say hello to healthy & gorgeous Savvy Curls."

I love this wrap so much that I teamed up with Savvy Curls to give away a single Savvy Curls wrap ($23.99 value).  The giveaway is open to US and Canada residents, ages 18 years or older! 

I also have a coupon code if you want to try out a wrap! Use code savvyc1 for $2 off any order! They also have a current kickstarter campaign you can check out right here with a video that you can watch to see hair being wrapped. 

To enter the giveaway:

1. Follow @KateCrandall on Instagram
2. Follow Savvy_curls on Instagram
3. Like the picture
4. Tag as many friends as you want on the picture. Every person you tag is an entry! 

Favorite One Piece Swimsuits this Summer

When I was growing up I don't remember very many cute one-piece swimsuits when swimsuit shopping.  They have really come back into style lately but one size does not fit all.  I have a long torso and I tried some different styles last year and didn't like any of them.  This summer I tried again and was very suprised by the options available and how much better quality and fit was.  I (along with my sisters) are sharing our favorite swimsuits that we have found and personally love.

Pines & Palms swim
I'm wearing their Wallflower swimsuit found here. 

I actually love this swimsuit.  As a mom, I am covered in all the right places, but as a teenager could wear this and feel cute too.    It's very comfortable and I love that the fabric feels like a good quality but isn't overly thick. I love the back of this swimsuit as well, it has a fun print and really stands out.  

Rad Swim
I'm wearing the Nicole swimsuit in black and my sister Anna is wearing the Lexi swimsuit in Mint

I initially thought that I wasn't going to like this swimsuit.  I thought that because of the design that it would show my mom belly really well but I was happily surprised when I put it on how well it fit.  The quality of this swimsuit is amazing and fits perfectly. It is a thicker fabric and feels like it pulls your in and really flatters your figure.  I have 4 sisters and we all have very different body types (as you'll see in these pictures) and this black and the mint swimsuit fit us all very comfortably and we all love them.  (The black one also comes with a strap around the neck, just not pictured)
Target is always a go to for cute clothes, swimsuits and pretty much anything cute. We found a few styles that have fit well on all of us too.  The purple swimsuit below is darling but probably not the best if you are chasing kids ;).  The black swimsuit and the black swimsuit with flowers are both very supportive and I was happy with the quality of them as well.   

Hope this helps anyone that is still looking for a cute suit for summer.  Let me know in the comments if you have found some cute ones worth checking out!

Happy Mother's Day

 I'm grateful for my two little rascals.  They have taught me so much about love and even though I had to bribe them with chocolate to take these pictures.. I still adore them.  I didn't realize until I had kids of my own how much better having kids around makes life so much more fun.  I'm grateful that I've had the opportunity to be a Mom and have these two as my sidekicks.

Happy Mother's Day to my own Mom who has always been there for me to talk and support me.  I know that she always has my back and I couldn't imagine my life without her.  You're the best Mom and I hope that I can be half the Mom you are someday!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mother in-law Caren who has raised such an amazing husband for me and and an amazing Dad for our kiddos.  We love our Mom's and Grandmas.. Life wouldn't be the same without them.  Happy Mother's Day!!

Sandal weather!

I have way too many pairs of shoes.  I do.. it's a problem, but my favorite shoes in my whole closet are my salt water sandals.  I have them in them in a few colors now and they last forever.  The second it was warm enough they were the first things I pulled out of my closet to wear.  I bought them for Carly as well and they are so cute!

 I'm in Utah visiting family right now and I went to the Local Spring Market a few days ago with my sisters and came home with a Stay wear shirt.  I've seen them on instagram for a while now but jumped at the fact that they had a great deal on them at the market!  I wanted to dress it up a tad by wearing a jean skirt.. I put the skirt on and instantly felt like I was right back in jr high.  In fact, I should look back through some pictures because I'm pretty sure the only difference in this skirt and the one I wore in jr. high, is the rips in them.  I don't remember the rips and tears being as popular back then.   Writing about how long ago jr. high was for me is making me feel really old right now......
Outfit Details:

Shirt: StayWear
Skirt: Ross.. $12.99. (similarsimilar)
Watch: old (similar)

Criss Cross Hair into Messy Buns

I posted my first ever hair style tutorial!  I'm still learning a how to film and edit these videos but I LOVE doing hair and my toddler, Carly is my little model.  I graduated from hair school about 9 years ago, and worked in a salon for a while until I had kids.  I still try new hair styles on my toddler and myself all the time and regularly get asked questions of how I do it.  I also get questions about how I curl my hair and hair tips, so I'm working on filming those videos as well! 

I'm going to try and upload more video's to my Youtube channel, so be sure to subscribe to it so you don't miss any videos!

Stroller Buying Guide

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had no clue what things I needed.  I went to my local Babies R Us and picked out a few things I was told I needed.  I was young and I didn't do very much research and the Babies R us worker didn't have a lot of knowledge on which one was best either. I figured a stroller is a stroller and they all work the exact same, right?  They all have wheels, a car seat came with most of them, all made to put a baby in, so I just looked at the price, then looked at the color and pattern on the seat and just picked one.

It wasn't until Carter got a little older, I started to notice that my stroller didn't maneuver as well as some other peoples. It didn't push very well on grass, I couldn't take it jogging with me and it took up SO much room in my small car.  Whenever I traveled I felt like my whole trunk was taken up by his stroller.  So I started buying additional strollers.  I had one that came with his car seat, I had one that I bought for jogging, I had an umbrella stroller, and I had one that I would take to the mall and would travel with because it was more compact.  It was getting crazy that amount of strollers I had and was still frustrated that I didn't have one stroller that could work for everything.

Along comes my second baby.  This time around I wasn't going to make the same mistake.  I researched every double stroller there was on the market.  I took my kids to the store and put them in every one, I folded all of them, I lifted each one to see how heavy it was, I pushed my kids around in it, I tried pushing it with one hand. I was fed up with having so many cheap strollers and having so many cons with each one. I ended up getting rid of all of my strollers and I bought the single and double version of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT.  I cannot say enough good things about this stroller. I have owned the single and double for 2 years now and I haven't felt the need one time to use anything else.

I have had a lot of people ask me advice on strollers and what a first time Mom needs.  My biggest piece of advice is to get a good stroller, carrier, diaper bag and carseat up front.  They can be more money at first, but IT IS WORTH IT!!  You will not regret investing in better items that actually work well.

The Baby Cubby created this guide, which I REALLY recommend looking through to find a stroller that works for you.  I really wish I had this knowledge when I was having my first baby.. It would have saved me a lot of frustration.   The Baby cubby is knowledgeable and can help you find what you are looking for.  They carry everything you need for a first time Mom or even a second time mom like me that is fed up with going to store that can't help you!  They even have a track you can test out your stroller on different terrains... are you kidding me!! How awesome is that?

Their guid is a really good resourse of questions to ask yourself when you are trying to decide which stroller to buy... you can find more details about it here.

There are a couple of things that I tell people to look at when buying a new stroller.  
1. How easy and small it folds.
2. Look at the wheels (do they push on grass easily? can you jog with it? can rocks get collected on the wheels and create a bumpy ride? do the wheels go flat?  are the wheels so big that you can't fit it in a mall aisle)
3. How flat do the seats lay?
4. What is the weight limit of the seat?  (my 5 year old still likes to get in the stroller at places like Disney world or when we travel and do a lot of walking)
5.  look at the accessories that go along with the stroller.  How easy is it to attach things like the car seat attachment, cup holders,  trays, glider boards and other accessories. 
6. Does it fit through a standard door-- some double strollers don't and it's a pain. 

They have everything you need for your babies, toddler and kids from clothes, diaper bags, kid activites and toys and everything a Mom needs too.  They are an amazing resource for anyone that is trying to get through this crazy parenthood journey.   

For anyone that has followed my blog for a while knows I'm a thrifty shopper, so you know I would only promote things that I am very passionate about.  I am very passionate about my baby products and always getting the best price. I feel very confident that you will always be given a great price at The Baby cubby because they always price match (even Amazon!) and they have free shipping over $50.  

Use the code "THESTUDENTSWIFE" for an extra special promo code!
  It is only good for 2 weeks
Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions! 

Givaway! Giftcard to Boho and Lovely

 Today I am teaming up with the cutest Etsy shop; Boho and Lovely.  She has a variety of clothes for making you and your kiddo's look stylish this summer.  I'm personally obsessed with her "wild and free" fringe shirt.. I can totally see my daughter rocking it as soon as it warms up a little bit more outside.   Not even joking.. if I were the one that were to win.. I would have a hard time deciding on spending it on myself or my kids! ;)  Today we have teamed up to give away a $25 dollar giftcard to her shop.. Use the form below to enter or enter on my Instagram @katecrandall!  Good luck!

Cutest Video

Easter was a lot of fun. For me, I am happiest when I'm spending time with people that I love.  I had originally planned on spending Easter at home with my husband and kids in Washington, but plans changed and I ended up in Utah with some of my family. We really missed Andy, and the kids were pretty sick on Easter but we made the best of it and still had an egg hunt in our backyard.  I took a bunch of pictures and video but the quality was horrible for some reason, so I was glad I had my sister there that took some pictures of them and video so we could remember it and share it with their dad.  She made the cutest video of my kiddo's and their cousins that I posted below.
^^ It only took a few minutes for Carly to catch on to the egg hunt.  She learned pretty quickly that each egg contained a prize or candy.. so after each egg she picked up, she would open it, dump the contents into her bucket and then throw the empty egg on the ground.  It was so funny to watch. 

You can find my sister Sarah on her blog here and her Youtube here

All about comfort..

Every time I get dressed, I think to myself.. Do I look put together but feel like I'm wearing pajama's? Seriously, whenever I get home, the first thing I do is put on comfy yoga pants or sweat pants.  I hate uncomfortable clothes. I don't function well in them.  This dress is perfect.  Perfect amount of stretch and comfort..... AND it's on sale for $14.99.  Score.  
Outfit Details:

Dress: H&M
Jean Jacket: Old (similar)
Shoes: Converse
Necklace: Old (similar

Don't forget to enter the Target Gift Card giveaway!!!